Kelli Jo Isaak
(605) 877-1823

About Me & My Business

I am a 35 year-old website developer who lives in Rapid City, SD. I have been living here for almost eight years. I went to school for four years; I front-loaded general education requirements for the first two. I graduated with a degree in Programming and Application Development. I learned about many different development platforms in my two years of technical courses, including Android, Arduino, ASP.NET, Microsoft's .NET framework (C# and Visual Basic (VB for short) ), PHP, SQL, and XNA Game Studio.

I have chosen to develop my websites using ASP.NET. I have been learning new skills ever since I started my website development business. I created the Eagles and NFB's events calendars using this tutorial from 4GuysFromRolla. I learned how to make and utilize ASP.NET themes in Chapter 6 of "Beginning ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB". I learned most of what I know about database programming using this book, as well. I learned about using data list and repeater controls only recently; when I began work on my Doodle Creatures fan page. I also learned about inner and left joins by joining The 2nd Monitor chat room.

When I'm not sharpening my website development skills, I am making three-dimensional characters using Daz Studio for friends. If you would like to see more, check out my PhotoBucket or my DeviantArt Gallery.

About the Business

What do you do for fun? For business? I am here to help you sell your product or service. When you contact me with any important information about your business, I will collect it all and display it in a neat, organized fashion that will have customers flying to your door.

I can't do everything myself; you have to make a few choices about how you want your website will look, including layout, color schemes, and content.

Designing and developing - that is setting up your pages, their color schemes, content, and layout - your site will cost $500. Keeping your site maintained and up to date is $100 dollars. Maintenance not only includes keeping your business information up to date; it also includes database maintenance. For example, f you want me to create a calendar of events for your site, I will have to create and maintain a database in which I store all pertinent information for those events and connect it to the site. Check out the Eagles Club's Events Page. I use as my host because they are extremely helpful and friendly to web developers. These prices are agreed upon when you and I both sign the contract.

Understanding the "Development" in Web Development

What do you want from your site? What do you need your site to do? Do you want users to be able to register for an account and log into your site? Do you want an email address with your site's domain at the end? Will you have a database that requires regular updates? These are all questions to consider when thinking about getting a website. If you have a calendar of events like the Eagles Club's site, you will need a database. If you want users to be able to log into your site, you will need extra security in the form of an SSL certificate. Take a look at the table below; it proposes an estimate of costs for a first-time client, as well as the charges they'll have to pay in the future. The development fee, domain name, hosting, and maintenance are required; email and SSL are optional depending on what the client wants to do with their site.

Service Offered Beginning
Design & Development - Only applicable if you are not satisfied with your existing site or are a 1st time customer $500.00   Upon Request of Services
Maintenance -includes updating events calendar, newsletter, organization information, etc. $100.00 $100.00 Monthly
Domain - the address people will type when visiting your site. Price also subject to change depending on GoDaddy’s offers. $15.00 $15.00 Annual
Hosting - getting your site online. Subject to change depending on what offers are available on GoDaddy. $42.00 $88.00 Annual
Email - add a custom email address (i.e to your website $48.00 $60.00 Annual
Security - protect your site with an SSL certificate. May be necessary for email services. $55.00 $55.00 Annual