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Windows Accommodations

Are you a Jaws or Zoomtext user? Is Jaws taking a big bite out of your productivity? Is ZoomText making your computer act weird, slow, or crash? If you have a Windows 7 or greater operating system, you might want to check out some of the following features.

Everybody hates when this happens!
  • Magnifier - Windows 7's magnifier seriously outshines its less awesome predecessors. It magnifies the entire screen instead of a little bar. I have recently learned that the "bar" is "docked", or pinned to the top of the screen. In the previous versions, the magnifier window could be dragged less than halfway down the screen. You have the option to use a docked magnifier in Windows 7 and up, as well as a magnifying glass, but I find that using full screen magnification makes me far more productive. I recommend using the full screen setting for anyone who uses their computer for hours a day. If you have either of the following options, you may want to consider installing ZoomText if you haven't already.
    • Windows Vista
    • XP
    • Windows 2008
  • Narrator - I haven't had to use Narrator very much, so I don't know too much about it. I do know, however, that it reads most everything except what you're reading online. You can change the pitch, speed, and volume settings in the Voice Settings dialog.
  • Themes - It is my opinion that Windows 7 and later have the most customizable user interface ever. You can change the color and transparency of the Task Bar - the narrow bar at the bottom of your screen with all of your open programs. You can pin, or attach the programs you use most often to your Task Bar, too! If you'd prefer higher contrast or simpler themes, Windows has four simple, high-contrast themes you can choose from.